Excavation Company Kalispell

About Sapphire Construction

Excavation Company Kalispell

Meet The Owner

Matt Study is the Owner here at Sapphire Construction. Matt spent many years in heavy civil, heavy highway, and commercial construction in field and office management positions prior to purchasing the first piece of equipment and venturing into the dirt world early in 2019. Matt has taken the business from a one man/one piece of iron band in 2019 to a successful full scale local excavation business since inception. Day to day Matt handles site logistics, scheduling, and relations with our clients, subs, suppliers, inspectors, and vendors. When the opportunity presents itself he loves to get in a machine and move some earth!

Meet The Sapphire Construction Crew

Excavation Company Kalispell

Kevin Rasulo

Project Manager/Estimator

Kevin Rasulo is the Project Manager and Estimator at Sapphire Construction. Kevin handles the take offs, material and sub pricing acquisition and formulation of our project estimates. He also handles our cost tracking for our field crew, equipment, materials, and trucking. When not handing numbers, Kevin assists in site logistics and scheduling. Having him on our team is an absolute asset!
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Cody Reeder

Site Lead

Cody Reeder is the site lead here at Sapphire Construction. You can find Cody on-site in the equipment moving dirt or on the ground establishing layout and grade to prepare for a productive day. Cody continues to learn and grow daily and fits the mold of our culture perfectly.

Excavation Company Kalispell

We Have Extensive Backgrounds

Sapphire Construction is more than just an excavation company. We have years of experience and knowledge that spread across many aspects of the construction industry, offering our customers versatility across any construction project.

Our knowledge and backgrounds stem from our experiences in electrical, mechanical, and structural concrete construction, the heavy highway sector, gravel pit operations, and the vertical commercial construction industry.

Excavation Company Kalispell

What We Believe In

Lasting Relationships

We’re an excavation company that knows the importance of forging relationships throughout every aspect of business. Whether you’re a client, supplier, or a part of our crew, we strive to build relationships that last a lifetime.


Providing high-quality results requires integrity, and you can expect nothing else from the team at Sapphire Construction. From start to finish, you can expect respect and accountability on and off the job site.


At Sapphire Construction, we’re all about communication. Throughout every step of a project, we maintain strong communication with our clients to ensure they’re satisfied with our progress and that everything is meeting their expectations!

Sapphire Construction FAQs

Sapphire Construction provides a comprehensive range of excavation services, including site preparation, trenching, grading, foundation excavation, and more. We have the expertise and equipment for precision excavation tailored to your project’s needs.
Yes, we prioritize environmentally responsible practices. Our team ensures proper soil erosion control and follows all local regulations to minimize environmental impact during excavation projects.
Sapphire Construction specializes in both wet and dry utility installations. This includes water, sewer, storm drainage, and power/communications conduit installations. We ensure reliable utility solutions for your project.
We prioritize safety throughout our utility installation process. Our team conducts thorough inspections, follows industry best practices, and adheres to safety regulations to prevent accidents and ensure the longevity of utility systems.
Sapphire Construction provides comprehensive land management services, including land clearing, forestry mulching, road building, and building pad construction. We prepare your construction site efficiently, addressing all land management needs.
Absolutely. Our expertise in land management extends to a wide range of projects, from residential developments to large commercial sites. We tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of each project.
Sapphire Construction provides comprehensive septic system services, including installation, maintenance, repairs, and inspections. We ensure that your septic system operates efficiently and meets all regulatory standards.
Scheduling septic services with us is easy. Simply contact our team, and we’ll arrange a convenient time for inspections, maintenance, or any septic system needs you have. We aim to provide timely and reliable service to our clients.

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